Learning to Haggle Like a Local

Learning to Haggle Like a Local

What you may find in your new area is that more people are willing to haggle over the prices of things in stores and markets. While this might not always be the case, learning how to communicate with someone over the price of something is a good lesson in how to talk with someone that you don't know. Here are some basic tips for haggling over prices or even over services that you need:

  1. Be patient - Most haggling will take time and will not be settled in a matter of seconds. Try to remember that you need to show the other person that you're serious about making the purchase, but you just want a break on the price.
  2. Have cash or money - You need to be ready to pay the lowest price that you have haggled to or you're just wasting the seller's time. You can also show that you have cash and are willing to pay, which can make a seller more likely to cut you a deal.
  3. Get them alone - Another way to make sure that you can haggle to a lower price is to take the seller aside to talk to them about the amount you want to spend. Instead of making them haggle in front of everyone (showing that their prices are flexible), take them away from the other buyers and talk to them in private.
  4. Have a price in mind - Try to keep a price in mind as you begin to haggle and make sure that your offers are beginning to indicate that you do have a price in mind. For example, you can say that you really want the item and you have a price that you're willing to pay, but you want to see what kind of deal they can offer you. This puts the decision in the seller's corner, making you less of a 'threat.'
  5. Slowly increase your price as you get to your limit - When you're giving prices back and forth, try to diminish the increases as you get closer to your final price, this will let the seller know that you are almost at your final price.
  6. Be ready to walk away - If you aren't getting the deal that you want and the seller is not budging, be ready to walk away and try somewhere else.

To a certain extent, haggling is like an art form. It allows the seller and the buyer to both get something out of the exchange. However, it's how you do it that increases the chances of just how much of a gain you will get for your time.

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