Top Ten Things to Know About Airline Security

Top Ten Things to Know About Airline Security

Whether you're just heading on a vacation or your next business trip, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind with the increased security. Though these standards have been put into place for your safety, there are ways to make everything easier:

1. Know the rules before you go - Before you head on any trip, be sure to check the airline's website for any security updates. This will help you be prepared and ready for any new restrictions.
2. Check on your arrival time - Security measures can take more time now, so also check the airline website to see when they want you to be there. For most domestic flights in the US, it's still two hours before your departure time, while international flights are at least three hours.
3. Bring your identification - You will need it at the check-in counter as well as at the security stops, so be sure that you don't leave home without it.
4. Know where your boarding pass is - Too often, passengers can set their boarding pass down and forget about it, but this causes confusion in the security lines as well as problems when the pass is actually lost or stolen. Some manufacturers sell holsters now for travellers to carry their boarding pass and they can help you too.
5. Wear shoes that are easy to take off - At the present time, you still need to take your shoes off before you go through security, so be sure to wear something that is easy to remove as well as place back on. This will help keep the lines moving.
6. Pay attention to what you are asked to do - Too often, travellers are not paying attention to the instructions of the security guards, so they miss out on things they are supposed to do. For the time you are in the security line, remember that you need to listen to verbal instructions as well as look ahead of you.
7. Be friendly - Security screeners have to deal with hundreds of travellers each day that are unhappy with the new rules and voice their complaints. Try to be the traveller that is pleasant and patient.
8. Know that you're not the only one - Travelling under the new restrictions can be challenging, but remembering that everyone else has to follow the rules too will help keep your frustration in check.
9. If you're running behind, let someone know - If you failed to get to the airport at the predetermined time, make sure to let the security employee know. They will generally help you get through the line faster so that you can make your flight.
10. If you're not sure if you can bring it on a plane, don't - If there's something that seems like it might need to go in your checked luggage, go ahead and put it in there.

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