Top Ten Things You Should Say When Dealing With an Airline Rep

Top Ten Things You Should Say When Dealing With an Airline Rep

Everyone has had to deal with an airline rep at one point or another, and it's not always in a positive way. Things go wrong and changes need to be made, but in order to get through this tough time and still get what you need, here are some things to say during your next encounter:

1. I know you're busy - Acknowledging the fact that the rep is busy and stressed can go a long way in helping them feel like you're not trying to rush them or tell them that they are being slow in any way.
2. Here's my information - Having the proper identification and confirmation papers will help the rep identify your situation more accurately and direction you toward a solution.
3. I was told... - If you're in a situation where the rep is telling you something different from your travel agent, tell the rep so and give the exact information that you were given. Perhaps this will shed some light on the problem.
4. Thanks for your help - Repeating that you are grateful for their help will show the rep that you're appreciative and will generally allow you to get better service.
5. Is there anything else you can do? - If you're not satisfied with the results of the process, gently ask if there's anything else that can be done instead of complaining about the options you have been presented with.
6. Please - A simple nicety will go a long way to helping both you and the rep stay calm during a heated exchange or complicated situation.
7. Is there anyone else that I can speak to? - When you feel that the rep isn't helping you in the way they should, politely ask if there is anyone else that you could call or speak with in order to resolve the problem.
8. Can you explain that to me? - Be sure to get a full explanation of the events that are occurring so that you're well aware of what will happen next and what that means for your travelling plans.
9. I'm sorry - Even if you feel that the situation is not your fault, be sure to apologize to show that you're sorry that the situation is even happening in the first place. This will soften the rep's response because you're taking any blame from them.
10. I'd really like to work this out - By showing that you're willing to be an active part of the process, you can work with the airline rep instead of against them.

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