Travelling with Infants

Travelling with Infants

For many people, travelling means more than just heading to their favourite vacation locale; it means they are going to bring their children and infants with them as well. Travelling with an infant presents a number of concerns for the other family members, but these tips can help you make this road all the smoother.

  1. Pack more than you think you need - When it comes to diapers, formula, and food, always pack more than you need for an infant. This helps prevent you from having to find food in the middle of nowhere, which isn't always a simple task.
  2. Talk with the paediatrician ahead of time - They might be able to give you suggestions to soothe a weary baby that doesn't like to fly in planes or ride in cars.
  3. Protect their ears - When travelling in the plane, be sure to have your infant nurse or suck on a bottle after the initial ascent; this will help to regulate the pressure in their ears.
  4. Take breaks often - If you are travelling by car, try to take breaks as often as you can. This will help your infant get some fresh air and be carried around for a bit instead of sitting in their carrier for hours on end.
  5. Check the baby carrier - Be sure that the carrier is securely fastened to your car or that your child is securely fastened into the seat before you carry him/her anywhere.
  6. Try to keep the normal schedule - As much as you can, try to keep the normal schedule of events that they're used to: feeding time, nap times, etc.
  7. Avoid loud noises - When travelling with your infant, try to keep any excessive noise to a minimum to prevent startling them and causing them to lose sleep.
  8. Have plenty of clothing options - Try to have a number of layers ready for your infant to wear, no matter the weather or the conditions. Infants get cooler and hotter more quickly, so you need to be prepared either way.
  9. Bring baby sunscreen - As an infant's skin is much more delicate, be sure to have sunscreen available for them to wear at all times.
  10. Bring your own stroller - Since you probably don't want to carry baby everywhere, bring a stroller or rent a stroller at your final destination. This will help them have a place to sleep and relax.

Travelling with an infant gets easier each time, so use these tips and make up your own along the way.

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