Canadian to renew Driver License in NY or FL

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Re: Canadian to renew Driver License in NY or FL

Post Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:24 am

SinglePapa wrote:From reading FL DMV websites thoroughly, Canadians do not need to produce I-94. Not even Canada Passport is necessary - three other options are listed in lieu of Passport

As I'm sure you're aware such DL for Canadians are intended for snowbirds who spend more than 1/2 of each year in Canada.

Even if you get away with this for a year or two, I believe others on this thread are correct that you would only get a FL DL under this provision for a year at a time. You'd be at risk that any given year the rules might become stricter in terms of what documents they'd accept. For example, they might decide to allow only a Canadian passport and/or some proof of Canadian residency for 1/2 of the year.

Unlike others in this thread, I'm not going to judge anyone at a personal level--but I do think it is fair to say that the trend is that it is getting tougher to live in the USA without status--and you need to be sensitive to that trend and perhaps make some appropriate, but difficult, decisions.

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