Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

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Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

Post Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:21 pm

Hi there,
I am a Canadian with a German husband. We're moving to Scotland next month for my husband's new job, and I have obtained a EEA family permit (which is what I was told to do). I was surprised to see it expired after 6 months, with no instructions about renewing it. Does anyone have any ideas about how to renew it for a longer time period ( we are there indefinitely)once I am in the UK?
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Re: Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

Post Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:47 am

Hi ,

I did a search on the internet and apparently it is normal if when you applied for it your husband was not in the UK.
If he had been in the UK already you would have a 5 years permit but because your husband was not in the UK you get a 6 months permit.

Quote from :

* In the course of those 6 months it is expected the EU citizen applies for a Residence Permit (if not already held) and their spouse/partner applies at the same time for a Five Year Family Permit.

Hope this helps

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Re: Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

Post Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:45 am

Thanks Joanne! I guess I'll figure out how to get a longer permit once I'm there.
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Re: Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

Post Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:27 pm

I just stumbled upon this forum, looked at your query and registered on the forum just to answer you.

Now please read carefully because what advice I am giving you is precise and accurate.
First of all get yourself and your husband to UK.
Now you will be living somewhere that is owned or rented by your spouse or both of you jointly, and your spouse or both of you should be working here.
Within a month or two you will have enough proof that you and your spouse are living here together, like electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill, council tax bill, and bank statements to show that he is getting paid. Plus any other official correspondence received at the address. Some of these documents should be addressed to him and some to you or jointly in both your names. eg. You could get electric bill and gas bill in your name and telephone and council tax bill in his name. You could open a joint bank account. Dont worry too much about the legalities of arranging these bills in your/your husbands name, its fairly easy to do. Phone, gas, electric and council tax bills can be arranged in any name just by a phone call each to these utility companies. For bank account both of you will have to physically go into a bank. But please do arrange for these bill before you go into bank, because bank will need them to open your account. In a month or two, you will have at least one set of all these bills and bank statement in your hand.
Now you need to download two forms from UK Borders agency website.
Your husband will need form EEA1, and you will need form EEA2.
You can download these from right hand side of this webpage ... uropeanlaw. Carefully fill these forms and send them to the address given on them. I think both of them need to be sent off to different addresses. It will take about 6 months for you and your husband to get the necessary endorsements in your passport. Let me also clarify one more thing, your huband being a eea citizen is allowed to live and work in UK without getting this endorsement in passport, but its advisable to obtain it because that way its easier to show to employers etc that he is legitimately working here. But this endorsement serves another purpose, this is a proof that he is exercising his treaty rights, and that in turn allows you to live and work in UK.
You might not get the endorsements in your passport before the current permit which is for 6 months, expires. But you do not have to worry about it. If you have applied to UKBA you are legal and you are allowed to do whatever you want in UK unitl your application is decided and you get the endorsements in your passport.
I think I have explained all the procedure in detail and step by step.
If you still need some other clarification, please do drop me a message.

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Re: Canadian with EEA Family Permit- length of permit?

Post Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:07 am

iam a indian citizen. my wife is french. she is working in UK. and iam working im dubai. so i want to join her in UK. and iam planning to work there also. so could you please suggest me that what is the advisable length of stay we should put in the EAA family permit form?
thank you

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