Looking to work in Hawaii for a year

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Looking to work in Hawaii for a year

Post Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:51 am

I've decided that I'd like to pack up and move to Hawaii. The problem here is that I do not have a university degree or any professional work experience, nor am I going over to study. I also don't have a job lined up.

I was hoping that there was some sort of Working Holiday visa thing going on for Canadians and Americans, I know you can get them for Australia and Japan but I'm not certain if they're available to the States.

What's my best course of action for getting into Hawaii and working legally at a job that doesn't require a degree or training or much experience? I understand the window of opportunity here is pretty narrow but any advice would be helpful.

Post Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:52 am

The US has no such thing as a working holiday visa. As you have no degree, your options are certainly limited. H1B visa quotas for 2008 are already reached, and the earliest an employer can start to petition for a 2009 H1B would be April, for an early start date of October 2008.

Or find a job with a Canadian employer who has an office in Hawaii and transfer over with an L visa of some sort. Without a degree however, that'll take a few years of on the job experience before you'd be qualified IIRC.

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