Chances are here, seize us, seize your future.

If we travel or live abroad, we usually come back to visit right? Here's a the place to meet other "re-pats" and Canadians who have returned.
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Chances are here, seize us, seize your future.

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There are so many people working more hard today, but they still can't get a good job. Why?
The reason is obvious. They don't have much education background. However, it is not their fault. Maybe they want to get further education, but their family is poor, they can't afford the high fee in school. Maybe they want to study hard and they have the chance to study, but for some reason they can't graduate normally. We can't blame for them. It is not their fault. 
If you have the same experience as them, you can ask us for help. 
If you want to get a good job and have brilliant future, we are your good friends.
Chances are here, why not seize us, seize your future?
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