Top Ten Gift Giving Ideas for Expatriates

Top Ten Gift Giving Ideas for Expatriates

If you're in a new country and a new life, why not share that with those that you love? When you're giving gifts at the holidays or other special occasions, there are a number of ways to share your new life with others and allow them to see just why you moved so far away.

1. Local delicacies - Provided that you can get certain items through customs, sending local foods that your friends and family can not get anywhere local is a great way to gift someone.
2. Local wines - Since the weather is different in nearly every region of the globe, wine producing countries will yield different flavours of wine. Try to find your local specialty and send that to others.
3. A map of your area - Perhaps to encourage friends and family to visit, a map as a present allows them to see just where you are (you may want to mark that on the map itself) as well as where other famous attractions lie.
4. A book about your city or country - Try to encourage friends and family to learn more about your new home by providing them with a book about the region. The book should contain any information they might need to get around as well as tips as to what to explore when they arrive.
5. A clock - Because you're probably dealing with vast differences in time zones, buying friends and family a clock set to your local time can allow them to see when your day is beginning and ending and when they might want to call.
6. Calling cards - The price of international calls can be steep, especially if you're not investing in VoIP phone services or other calling plans. To help with this cost, you can give calling cards that will allow you to reconnect from time to time.
7. Photographs - Assembling a photo album or video of your new home can help friends and family see where you live and what it's really like. You might also want to choose one individual picture that can be framed and wrapped.
8. Local textiles - Every country has its own specialty, so why not find it and give it to the ones that you love? Look for useful things like blankets and pottery, for example.
9. Local tourist-y items - Since not all of your friends and family will be able to come out and visit the local sites, why not send the souvenirs that they were going to buy anyways?
10. Plane tickets - If price is not an issue, you might want to send your friends and family plane tickets or gifts cards towards purchasing such tickets. There's nothing like seeing your family in person.Related External Links

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