About Us


Canuckabroad.com started as a resource for Canadian travelers and expats to share their stories and advice. Matt Reider started the site after traveling extensively around the world, living abroad, and finding that there was a distinct lack of info specific to Canadian travelers.  In late 2012, VisaWeb Inc purchased this website and now maintains the content on it.

Our site also operates as an immigration platform for business owners, investors, and individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada. When expats and travelers are abroad, they frequently run into people interested in Canada for personal reasons or reasons related to business. With that written, our site will always deliver immigration content that is relevant to you as a user.

CanuckAbroad.com provides information about almost every country in the world and has a very active travel forum with thousands of members sharing their experiences.

We also provide resources to help find cheap airfare, hotel reservations, and much more. Our site also maintains a list of Canadian embassies and consulates, Canadian expat groups,  as well as all kinds of other travel advice.

Link to CanuckAbroad.com

Not a day goes by where we don’t receive requests from people to link to us. Everyone is free to link to CanuckAbroad! If you like the site, the best way to support us is to add a link to your site or blog and to tell your friends.

If you have a blog that is related to this industry, we would be happy to link to you. If you offer quality content and value to the expat community, you can request a link here. If you have a site that is more commercial in nature, or just a general website of interest to expats or travelers, then we do offer advertising.

CanuckAbroad.com Social Responsibility

CanuckAbroad.com is proud to be able to support as many social and environmental initiatives as possible. We support Kiva and TerraPass for micro-lending and carbon offsets.