Adventure Travel Safety Concerns

Even though others are doing it, the risk for you may be different. Research your destination and be aware of the dangers. Conditions may vary from month to month.

In 1998, a young couple from Newfoundland went on a surfing holiday to a popular beach in Indonesia. On the second day of the vacation, the woman watched helplessly as her boyfriend disappeared into the ocean. He was unfamiliar with local conditions and had underestimated the strong currents and undertow. His body was recovered four days later.

Two high school students and an adult guardian were drowned during a field trip along the rocky coast of California. A freak wave hit and the 45-year-old woman was pulled into the water. The two students died in a failed rescue attempt.

“It’s safe because I’ll have a tour guide.”

Having a guide doesn’t eliminate risk. There are many situations that guides cannot control.

A young, physically fit woman went on a guided rafting expedition in Nepal. On her way back to base camp, she and three others, including her guide, were crossing a small river. The current swept her down the river to her death. Her body was never found.