The Bests Hostels in Central America for Canadian Tourists

Canadians who want to escape the freezing cold winter often travel to Central America where they can enjoy the sunny beaches that the area offers. The Central America beaches are gorgeous and offer a paradise getaway for those who want to enjoy some fun and relaxation in a warm destination.

Great Hostels in Central America

Young Canadian tourists who enjoy meeting new people should consider staying in a hostel:

Family Friendly Hostel in Costa Rica

The In&Basic Hostel Lounge in Jan Jose, Costa Rica is a great place for Canadian tourists to stay during their trip. The family friendly hostel is open to anyone between the ages of 9 and 45. The hostel offers dorms and private rooms, multiple lounge areas, free wireless Internet and laundry facilities. Guests receive free coffee, tea and breakfast. The hostel is clean and comfortable and the owners are known for being very friendly and helpful. Beds at the In&Basic Hostel Lounge cost $13.56 – $19.82 CAD per night.


Affordable Youth Hostel in Panama City

The Hostel Villa Vento Surf in Panama City, Panama is a great place to stay for Canadian backpackers. The hostel offers a bar, café, kitchen and mini-supermarket. It has a nice outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning and 24-hour security. Guests can enjoy cable TV, free Internet and a free daily breakfast.

The youth hostel is clean and offers comfortable mattresses. Students who need an affordable place to stay in Panama City can enjoy the relaxed party atmosphere the hostel provides. Beds in the mixed and female dorms are available for only $10.04 CAD during the week and $14.89 CAD on weekends.

Hostel with Transportation in Guatemala

The Quetzalroo Hostel in Guatemala City, Guatemala offers a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere. The hostel is close to supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and bars. People can stay in a mixed dorm or in their own private room. Guests receive a free continental breakfast each morning and there is a kitchen available as well.

The hostel offers a comfortable lounge, free use of a computer with Internet connection and free wireless Internet. Free transportation is included in the nightly rate so guests can get a ride to the airport, local attractions or restaurants. The daily rate for a bed in the Quetzalroo Hostel is $18.78 – $20.86 CAD.

Staying Safe in Central America

Costa Rica is a safe country that welcomes tourists but certain areas of Central America can be dangerous. Tourists who are visiting Panama City, Guatemala, El Salvador or Managua need to be cautious. Most Canadians are very trusting and may not realize they are a target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. The following tips will help Canadians stay safe on their trip.

  • Do not travel during the night
  • Travel with someone else whenever possible
  • Do not carry an expensive purse or backpack
  • Do not wear expensive jewelry
  • Keep passport at the hostel when going out
  • Discuss the price of the cab ride before getting into the car
  • Lock the doors as soon as you get into the cab
  • Do not use bank machines; go into the bank to take out money
  • Try to blend in; tourists should avoid doing things that draw attention to them


Canadians tourists can save money by staying in one of the best hostels in Central America. They will have more money to spend during their vacation and will have the chance to meet people from different destinations around the world.

Social butterflies are likely to develop new friendships that last a lifetime. People can book their hostel stay online at The site offers plenty of information for people who are planning a trip to Central America.