Finding the Best Hostels in Warsaw for Traveling Canadians

The best hostel in Warsaw seems like a perfectly natural question for Canadians planning a trip to Poland’s capitol. Hostel lodging seems so synonymous with eastern European travel. The origination of hostels as austere, gray scaled, cold water rooming with hardly any amenities sounds exactly how we’ve been conditioned to envision Eastern Europe.

Warsaw’s reputation as a cold, lifeless Soviet block city may be hard to shake; I’ll try to hammer some cracks into that idea of Warsaw and Poland as it is today. Many of the old buildings built during the Soviet era have given way to modern skyscrapers; the old town section has experienced rejuvenation. City services and entertainment options now rival Berlin, London and even Paris. The dining options in Warsaw are now exciting and offer a wide variety of international flavors and dishes. The Poles are ardent about their food; dismiss your preconceived ideas about bland, depressing stews and borsches.  This is not your grandfathers Warsaw or Poland.


Warsaw’s Best Hostels

If you and your buddies want to visit Warsaw, you can check out various hostels in the city and take advantage of the various deals. Plus, it will cost you less.

Tapir Hostel

A bright and comfortable feeling hostel is just a 7 minute walk from the train station and a 20 minutes ride from the airport. Tapir Hostel was founded by a world traveler and reflects an understanding and sensitivities of an experienced globetrotter. Tapir is housed in an old pre-WWII tenement that oozes the spirit of timelessness. There is a variety of room choices and the accommodations are state of the hostel art.

Hostel Fabryka

Located in the Praga section of Warsaw and housed in an old WWII rubber factory that was built in the early 20th century. The Praga district still has the feeling of old Warsaw; there are artists studios, pubs and cafes that give one the rich cultural flavor of Warsaw. Hostel Fabryka offers rooms for 2 to 9 people at very affordable pricing that includes linen and bedding, free coffee all day long, wi-fi access throughout the building, televisions with dvd and ample storage for your belongings.


We can Help you Find the Best Hostel in Warsaw

We will be more than happy to assist if you’re planning a trip to Warsaw or anywhere into central or eastern Europe. Poland still has some peculiarities from its days as a Soviet eastern block nation, bureaucracies change slowly. The currency exchange can be legal robbery if you’re not aware of the proper procedures, Polish officials are leery of trying to export art (especially pre-1945 era) and you may need travel and lodging planning assistance, especially lodging.

We can assist you with your visas, passports issues and any other port of entry necessities and travel planning if you desire. We can make your trip to Warsaw a smooth operation. You’ll be frustration free to enjoy your stay at the best Hostel in Warsaw.