The Best Hostels in Antigua for Travelling Canadians

The sun and shine of Guatemala can seem like a world away from cold, cloudy Canada.  Visitors going abroad can check out the best hostels in Antigua in order to get a great deal on their travel.

What To Look For When Seeking the Best Hostels in Antigua

Since the region is one of the most popular around for backpacking, you can find a number of activities that cost little or nothing but a quality pack.

The Terrace Hostel

Known as a boutique hostel, marketing hotel services at the price tag of hostel services, the Terrace of 3ra Calle Poniente #24B offers a wide variety of options for travelers.  With traditional kitchen and dining areas as well as wireless Internet, those familiar with the hostel scene will not be disappointed.  Hammocks around the lounge, however, can be a great source of relief for those who need to kick off their shoes once the day is done.  With a rooftop barbecue, happy hour specials at the bay, and dorm rooms starting at eight dollars a person, this is one of the best hostels around.

El Hostal

As the name suggests, El Hostal provides visitors with good quality services at a low price.  Near to the central park on 1ra Avenida Sur, it is possible to transfer to and from the Antigua airport.  Secure lockers and twenty-four hour desk service offer tourists security, while the hot showers and complimentary breakfast give a clean start to the day with a full belly.  Both private and dorm-style rooms are available.

Jungle Party Hostal Club

It is always a party at the Jungle Party, where celebration is always on hand even if you are staying at a different place.  The all-night operations allow you to come in and out at all hours of the day.  Mingle with people from all corners of the globe while you tuck into the hearty meals available (breakfast is included in the bill).  At ten dollars per night for dorm bedding, it is slightly more expensive than some other hostels but still quite cheap.

Hostal Holistico

Located on the remains of an old country estate, the Holistico offers peace in body and mind.  While it is still in the center of Antigua, it has much more space and better views than some other city regions.  The price tag is somewhat higher, with individual rooms starting at twenty dollars.
Black Cat Hostel

Luck is on your side in the Black Cat, with low rates (six dollars per person) in addition to activities like movie rooms.  Breakfast is included in the bill, wireless Internet is available at no cost, and you can find their sister property at Xela if you are planning to hike across the small central American country.

Booking the Best Hostels in Antigua And Canuck Abroad

Finding the best hostels in Antigua is a necessity for many but, you must also be aware of other travel precautions, such as tourist visas, to take into consideration. Canadians going to a new country need to get the information on travel and security.  You can check out for travel as well as immigration information.