The Best Hostels in Asia for Travelling Canadians

The average person thinks that vacations last one or two weeks. This is because they spend a lot of money on hotels, restaurant meals and activities. Most travelers would be surprised to learn that they could extend their trip by months if they saved money on accommodation.

Why A Hostels Are Great For An Asian Trip

One of the best ways to extend a trip is by staying in hostels instead of hotels. As Asia has a very low cost of living, it is the ideal destination for budget travelers. Canadians who are thinking about visiting Asia should stay at some of the best hostels in Asia.


What is a Hostel?

A hostel is essentially a building that provides shared accommodation to travelers. Most hostels have bunk beds and shared facilities. Consumers can usually decide whether they want to stay in a small dorm or a large dorm with more people.

Why Should Travelers Pick Hostels Over Hotels?

There are many benefits to choosing hostels over hotels. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • Hostels are considerably cheaper than hotels.
  • They generally have facilities such as free wifi and a laundry service.
  • Many hostels are in good locations.
  • They are an excellent place to meet other travelers.
  • Hostels often sell their guests discounted tours, activities and bus tickets.

What Are The Best Hostels in Asia?

Hostels are not as popular in Asia as they are in the western world. However, this is changing as Asian tourism providers realize the value of hostels. In the future, consumers will have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a hostel. Meanwhile, there are several high quality hostels in the Asia region. These are listed below:

Matchbox Concept in Singapore

Matchbox Concept is a beautiful hostel with pod style beds. It offers each of their guests complimentary breakfast, wi-fi and laundry.

Reggae Mansion in Malaysia

Reggae Mansion is one of the most popular hostels in Malaysia. Like Matchbox concept, it gives guests a free breakfast, wi-fi and pod-style accommodation.

Nap Park Hostel in Thailand

Nap Park is in Bangkok, Thailand. What makes it unique is that it is close to the backpacker ghetto Khao San Road. Like most Asian hostels, it has top notch facilities and many freebies.

Most people will find that high quality hostels will cost more than cheap rooms at guest houses. This is simply because these hostels provide a travelers a clean and safe environment. Most guest houses cannot match the quality of a good hostel.

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