The Best Hostels in Melbourne for Travelling Canadians

Best hostels in MelbourneLooking into the best hostels in Melbourne is one to way to find reasonable accommodations when you are travelling on a budget.  When you look for a hostel, you should consider more than how much money you save.
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What To Look For When Seeking the Best Hostels in Melbourne

Here are some things you may want to take into mind when booking a hotel in Melbourne:

What Are the Accomodations Around the Hostel?

Firstly, you want to consider the accommodations you will receive in and around the hostel you choose.  For instance, many hostels do not provide their guests with towels but there are a few that have begun to include this extra service.  However, there are also many that include breakfast with the price of the room as well as laundry facilities and many other useful amenities.  Sometimes, you can also find a hostel located in an ideal spot in town that gives you access to shops, restaurants and other points of interest.

Sites, Pubs and Grub

The Corkman Irish Pub is one of the more highly rated pubs in Melbourne and is located relatively close to the center of town.  In fact, you can take a ten minute walk to nearly all points of interest in town including the Victoria Market and Melbourne University.  This relatively new hostel has its own restaurant that features a live traditional Irish music session every Thursday night.  In addition to Internet access, this hostel also includes laundry facilities, breakfast with the price of the room and hot showers.

The Melbourne Metro YHA

The Melbourne Metro YHA is also located rather close to the city’s center and is a modern hostel.  However, this facility is located on a residential street, so it is ideal for those who want to settle in a quieter area.  However, you can still walk to some of the major attractions in the city including the Melbourne Zoo, the Yarra River, Federation Square, the Queen Victoria Market and ACMI.  The rooms also include linens and there are laundry facilities on the premises as well as a café and Internet access.

Booking the Best Hostels in Melbourne

These are a few of the things you can consider when you are searching for hostels in Melbourne.  These facilities sometimes have just the amenities you need to stay in touch with the modern world but still get in some relaxation if you hope to take it easy while you are away.  However, you also do not have to miss out on getting to experience the best of Melbourne since you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on your accommodations at a hostel.
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