Tips for Canadians Visiting Hot Climates

tips for canadians visiting hot climatesCanada is often thought to be a cold country where there is very little sun. Although this is not always true, there is some validity to the statement that it is a cold place. Much of the inhabited country is situated at elevations or latitudes which cause a town or city to get many feet of snow each year, freezing rain, and chilly summers. As for the sun, that is a different matter: a lot of Canadians would say they get plenty, often reflecting off of the snow pack.

Getting Through hot Summers

Even in Canada, summers can be sweltering. It just depends on where you live. In spite of this fact, most people living in this vast nation would love to spend a holiday in Dubai, Morocco, or Mexico learning what real heat is all about, not to mention sunshine.

This is not to say that Canadians do not get over-exposed to sun in Ontario or BC, but they are at greater risk of heat-related illness in hot climates. What should these individuals take with them on holiday or purchase while away, apart from UVB sunscreen of course? This is the most obvious item, but not the only one to keep in mind.

Keeping the Sun Off

Staying out of the sun in hot climates is not always practical or desirable. You came to a hot country to experience that heat, after all. When individuals do get out in the sun they should make sure they lather on lots of UVB sunscreen. UVB refers to the barrier against UV rays, those dangerous parts of the sun’s heat that cause cancer. UVB sunscreen comes in a number of strengths, so go with about 45 for very sunny locations. Remember that the sun keeps shining on cloudy days, getting through the grey to your skin. Once you burn, you are already at risk of developing cancer, but kids are most vulnerable.

Other ways to protect against sun include:

  • Remaining hydrated
  • Restoring electrolytes
  • Wearing cotton clothes in light colors
  • Wearing a hat
  • Seeking shade during the hottest times of the day (about 11am to 2pm)

Many times, Canadians protect against sunburn but not sun stroke or heat stroke, both of which can be deadly. These leave a person feeling befuddled and dizzy. In a case like this, one might need to go to hospital for IV fluids.

Insect Repellents

Most very hot countries are also inhabited by lots of big bugs and other creepy crawlies. As most people know, mosquitoes (which love the heat) are the world’s most dangerous animal, killing more people annually than snakes, lions, or alligators combined. Their size works in their favor.