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Using our Round the World Trip Planner you can select which cities you'd like to fly to all around the world, and get a price right away!

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Around the World Flights

It’s easy to put together a trip around the world with our flight planner. You can choose from dozens of cities around the world, and get an instant quote.

Many trips cost as little as $2000 for three or four flights around the world!

Using our around the world trip planner, you can simply select each city you’d like to fly to and choose as many or as few stops as you like. Also, travel overland between certain destinations.

Sample Itinerary: Choose flights that go Vancouver -> London -> Cairo -> Bangkok -> Sydney -> Vancouver.

Itinerary w/ Overland Stops: Toronto -> London -> Overland to Paris -> Nairobi -> Bombay -> Auckland -> Toronto.

If flying around the world is a dream you’ve always had, then this is the place to make it a reality. It’s far cheaper to use our flight planner for multi-stop trips rather than other airline sites where you choose individual flights. We can put together the best itinerary for you, help you with visa information, and get you the lowest prices. Fly around the world for what a week in Mexico would cost!

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