Backpacking in Europe

The main source of my travel knowledge comes from backpacking through Europe. I’ve been everywhere from Lisbon to Sarajevo to Moscow, and have seen everything in between.

Backpacking through Europe is a great experience. Being able to travel and experience so many different cultures in a relatively short period of time is amazing. I’ve travelled almost completely on my own, teaming up with others that I’ve met on the road. I’ve even had the opportunity to backpack through parts of North Africa.

For now though, I’ve tried to compile as much information as I can about backpacking in Europe. I’ve included destination links and photos, travel gear you need, and more.

Backpacking through Europe is sure to be one of the most rewarding trips you’ll ever make. In fact it doesn’t matter where you’re backpacking – The whole experience is fantastic. With so many countries to choose from, and all in such close proximity, backpacking in Europe offers so many different cultures and countries to explore.

The Best Hostels in Italy for Travelling Canadians

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are searching for the best hostels in Italy.  No matter your reason for travelling, you want to make sure you have all the amenities to make your trip pleasurable as well as productive. Fortunately, many hostels are equipped with many of the modern conveniences to ... Read more The Best Hostels in Italy for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Lisbon for Travelling Canadians

When you are looking for the best hostels in Lisbon, you need to consider all your needs and how you plan to spend your time in the city.  Not only do you need to find accommodations that will fit your budget, but you should also keep in mind any emergencies you may encounter as you ... Read more The Best Hostels in Lisbon for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Finland for Travelling Canadians

Many Canadians travel to Finland each year. Whether travellers are planning to take a short vacation or they want to stay in Finland for several weeks or months they should consider staying at a hostel rather than a hotel. Hostels are a much more affordable option and give Canadian travellers the chance to meet other ... Read more The Best Hostels in Finland for Travelling Canadians

The Top Hostels in Dublin for Travelling Canadians

Though Ireland's placement in the EU may be a question in the near future, the country remains one of the best places to travel in the entire world due to the island's history, stunning beauty, intricate culture, and friendly populace. Finding Hostels in Dublin Finding the top hostels in Dublin allows you to stay in the capital ... Read more The Top Hostels in Dublin for Travelling Canadians

The Top Hostels in Europe for Travellling Canadians

Canadians have many options when it comes to finding the top hostels in Europe.  Many countries on the continent cater to those looking for inexpensive accommodations whether they are backpacking it or just in need of a place to stay for the night. Finding Hostels in Europe Of course, some careful planning can help in the search ... Read more The Top Hostels in Europe for Travellling Canadians

The Best Hostels in France for Travelling Canadians

Where do you find the best hostels in France?  The best hostel will depend on your individual needs, particularly where in France you plan to stay, what types of amenities you need and how much per night, you can spend for a comfortable place to stay. Fortunately, there are sites such as Canuck Abroad that can ... Read more The Best Hostels in France for Travelling Canadians

The Top Hostels in Budapest for Travelling Canadians

Long renowned as one of the least expensive places in all of Europe for vacations, Budapest features exquisite sights, a vibrant history, outstanding cuisine, and an arts and music scene that is second to none. Finding the Top Hostels in Budapest Vacationing Canadians hoping to stay at one of the top hostels in Budapest can use ... Read more The Top Hostels in Budapest for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels In Edinburgh For Travelling Canadians

Edinburgh, Scotland's ancient capital, is one of Europe's greatest and most historic cities, and is necessary for any Canadian on a European tour. It is not the cheapest of places to visit, and one of the ways to keep costs down is to find accommodation in a hostel. Finding a Hostel in Edinburgh There is a wide ... Read more The Best Hostels In Edinburgh For Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Croatia for Travelling Canadians

Croatia has a lot to offer those who enjoy travelling and seeing new places. Ancient ruins, beautiful beaches and lovely parks are just some of the many reasons why this small European country attracts tens of thousands of young travelers every single year. Finding Hostels in Croatia Following is a listing of some of the best hostels ... Read more The Best Hostels in Croatia for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Greece for Travelling Canadians

Wherever you are traveling to and from Canada, it is a good idea to start your travels with a visit to Canuck Abroad. This site contains information for visitors and people who want to live and work overseas. For instance, if you are looking for hostels in Greece, this could be your first resource. Finding Hostels ... Read more The Best Hostels in Greece for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Athens for Travelling Canadians

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens offers Canadian travelers a wealth of activities and sights to see. Why Hostels Are A Great Way To Experience Athens Those who are looking to expand their activity itinerary by saving money on their lodging can look for one of the best hostels in Athens to keep ... Read more The Best Hostels in Athens for Travelling Canadians

Backpacking the UK

The UK is a fantastic place to start any European adventure. Especially if you're looking for a more 'gentle' introduction to foreign culture compared to starting in a country where you can't speak the language or anything. That being said, the UK is such a diverse place that many times you won't understand the English ... Read more Backpacking the UK

Backpacking Macedonia

Macedonia comes as a pleasant surprise to most visitors - You'll find everything from ancient medieval monasteries, Turkish bazaars, and a very modern capital, Skopje. Definitely spend a few days in Macedonia if you're travelling to or from Greece or Turkey. You won't regret it. Travel Macedonia - Quick Facts Local Language: Macedonian -The alphabet is difficult ... Read more Backpacking Macedonia

Backpacking Albania

Albania is a mountainous country, right on the Adriatic coast wedged between Macedonia, and Greece. Albania has had a tough transition since communism fell in the early 1990's, and many travellers have avoided it because of many dangers. Most of the country, however, is safe today for travellers however you'll still need to use a ... Read more Backpacking Albania

Backpacking Finland

Finland is another beautiful Scandinavian country, and shares many similarities with it's northern neighbours. Finland, however, is in many ways different from the surrounding countries. The Finnish language sets itself apart and is very unique, and Finland is also one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. And of course, there's the saunas! Travel ... Read more Backpacking Finland

Backpacking Norway

Traveling to Norway you'll find Norway is defined by it's nature - Fjords, mountains, forests, glaciers, and the ocean. You can't get much more natural than that. Combined with some of the most charming cities and towns in Europe, and a strong Viking history, Norway is a trip you won't soon forget. Backpacking Norway - Quick ... Read more Backpacking Norway

Backpacking in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country in the north of Europe. Full of history, you'll find castles and thousands of old relics such as rune stones, burial sites, and old fortresses. All this, but even so Sweden isn't as full of tourists as the rest of Western Europe, mainly because as like the rest of Scandinavia, ... Read more Backpacking in Sweden

Backpacking Slovenia

Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, is a very quaint and beautiful town with great views of the surrounding mountains. Backpacking Slovenia - Quick Facts Local Language: Slovenian - As with most Eastern European countries, if you don't speak the local language, German is a good backup. A good amount of Slovenian speak some English though, and some also ... Read more Backpacking Slovenia

Backpacking Bosnia

Bosnia / Hercegovina is a real eye opener. Traveling through the country side and seeing the devastation that war brings will make you change the way you look at things. The people are extremely friendly, the prices are low, and it's still relatively unexploited by tourism. Travel Bosnia / Herzegovina - Quick Facts Local Language: Bosnian - ... Read more Backpacking Bosnia

Backpacking in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be a tiny country, but it has rich culture and an interesting history. Luxembourg city is itself a Unesco World Heritage site and the hostel is located right in the Latin Quarter. Travel Luxembourg - Quick Facts Local Language: In Luxembourg, the people speak their own sort of dialect - A mixture of German, French, ... Read more Backpacking in Luxembourg

Backpacking in Austria

Austria, apart from being one of the most beautiful countries in the Alps, once ruled much of Europe. Vienna is still a city full of culture and history which few others rival. Traveling in Austria - Quick Facts Local Language: German, but with a slightly different dialect. You'll notice some differences, especially different signs and so on. ... Read more Backpacking in Austria

Backpacking the Czech Republic

Prague is of course the capital of Czech Republic. It's also one of the most picturesque capitals in the world. It's a fairly large city, but feels like a medieval town, with Prague's large castle overlooking the city. Travelling in the Czech Republic Local Language: Czech, and German is definitely a good backup. Many younger people speak ... Read more Backpacking the Czech Republic

Backpacking in Hungary

Hungary is a very interesting country, with an amazing history. And it's cheaper than most Western European countries! I ended up spending a few months in Budapest and for good reason. Backpacking is a very rewarding experience, and the people you meet will always leave an impression. Backpacking Hungary - Quick Facts Local Language: Hungarian - Older ... Read more Backpacking in Hungary

Backpacking in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country, but one of the most important in the world. Geneva and Interlaken are just a couple of the many highlights this country has to offer. Travel Switzerland - Quick Facts Local Language: Switzerland has four official languages - German, French, Italian and Romansch. Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Switzerland for 90 days ... Read more Backpacking in Switzerland

Backpacking in Italy

Italy is a country full of history and culture. You could devote months to see all of the many sites throughout Italy. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, all are among the worlds most important and historical cities. Travel Italy - Quick Facts Local Language: Italian. English isn't widely spoken so you'll want to know a few words. Visa Requirements: ... Read more Backpacking in Italy

Backpacking in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful, sunny country. Island hopping and riding the ferries to picturesque towns along the Adriatic coast is one of the highlights of travelling Europe. Dubrovnik is by far the most beautiful town I've ever been too. Travel Croatia - Quick Facts Local Language: Croatian - A good amount of Croatian speak some English though, ... Read more Backpacking in Croatia

Backpacking in Portugal

Portugal was once one of the most powerful sea-faring countries in the world. As a result, modern day Portugal is full of culture and history, natural beauty and exciting night life. Travel Portugal - Quick Facts Local Language: Portuguese resembles most latin languages, though it is distinctly different. If you speak Spanish, it will help you quite ... Read more Backpacking in Portugal

Backpacking in Spain

Spain is one of Europe's most popular destinations for backpackers and vacationers alike. Cities like Barcelona and Madrid will keep you coming back for more, and chilling out on the beaches of southern Spain is a great way to spend the summer. Travel Spain - Quick Facts Local Language: Spanish is very similar to other Latin based ... Read more Backpacking in Spain

Backpacking in France

France has an amazing culture, history, and people. From the rocky northern coast of Normandy to the southern Riviera, you can find just about everything in France. Travel France - Quick Facts Local Language: French is very similar to English and the Latin based languages such as Spanish and Italian - You'll find similarities. If you're Canadian, ... Read more Backpacking in France

Backpacking in Belgium

Belgium is packed with history and has been a battleground for hundreds of years. Belgium is a great place for history and world famous for it's beer. Travel Belgium - Quick Facts Local Language: Belgium is divided into two sections - The Flemish section, which speaks Dutch, and the Waloon section which speaks French. Many people speak ... Read more Backpacking in Belgium

Backpacking in the Netherlands

I've been to Holland several times, and have made many friends there. It's a great country, probably the most fun. Travel Holland / The Netherlands - Quick Facts Local Language: Dutch - Most people speak some English, especially younger people but it's helpful to learn a few phrases. Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Holland / The Netherlands ... Read more Backpacking in the Netherlands

Backpacking in Germany

Travel Germany - Quick Facts Local Language: German - Most people speak some English, especially younger people but it's helpful to learn a few phrases. Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Germany for 90 days without a visa. Costs: Germany can get expensive. Restaurants are getting more expensive now too, since the Euro came in. Budget $100 Canadian ... Read more Backpacking in Germany