Backpacking Bosnia

Bosnia / Hercegovina is a real eye opener. Traveling through the country side and seeing the devastation that war brings will make you change the way you look at things. The people are extremely friendly, the prices are low, and it’s still relatively unexploited by tourism.

Travel Bosnia / Herzegovina – Quick Facts

Local Language: Bosnian – As with most Eastern European countries, if you don’t speak the local language, German might help. It’s very hard to find locals that speak English (though some of the young people do).

Visa Requirements:Canadians are allowed in Bosnia for 30 days without a visa.

Costs: Bosnia is still a bargain. The shopkeepers in the Turkish Quarter in Sarajevo are open to bargaining as well.

Travels in Bosnia

I traveled to Sarajevo on a bus from Dubrovnik, in Croatia. What an eye opener. I couldn’t believe my eyes when every village you pass is literally torn in half. Building are being rebuilt, but the scars of war are incredibly visible. You’ll pass makeshift crosses and memorials set up on the roadside with pictures of young soldiers and civilians who died in the Bosnian war. Mostar is very scarred, in fact I bet you couldn’t find more than two inches of space between bullet holes and shrapnel marks on any structure.

It was definitely an eye opener. The people were incredibly nice and mellow though, very friendly and helpful. I didn’t have any trouble travelling in Bosnia and strongly recommend it for anyone who wants a diversion from the rest of Europe’s exploited tourism industry. You’ll be one of the few tourists there, and it’ll make the experience that much more rewarding – visit as many cities in Bosnia as you can.

Hotels and Hostels in Bosnia

I ended up staying with a woman who offered a room in her apartment. It wasn’t that great though. She was really pushy, a little too much for my tastes. But it was short notice, and the price was cheap. When you get off the bus in Sarajevo you’ll be bombarded by people offering rooms and hostels. Take your pick. If you’re looking for a hotel however, you may want a reservation in the summer. Try these hotels in Bosnia

Flights to Bosnia

Flights to Bosnia arrive in Sarajevo. You’ll probably have to fly through another major European hub before if en route from Canada.