Backpacking in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful, sunny country. Island hopping and riding the ferries to picturesque towns along the Adriatic coast is one of the highlights of travelling Europe. Dubrovnik is by far the most beautiful town I’ve ever been too.

Travel Croatia – Quick Facts

Local Language: Croatian – A good amount of Croatian speak some English though, and some also speak Italian.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Croatia for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Croatia is much cheaper than western European countries, however prices are steadily rising. Budget at least $35-$50 per day.

My Travels in Croatia

My girlfriend and I traveled to Croatia in the summer of 2002. It only took about 6 hours by train to go from Budapest to Zagreb. When we arrived, we found it quite easy to change money and thankfully their is a hostel only one or two blocks from the train station. It was in the hostel where we saw our first war refugee.

Zagreb was a nice city, with similar architecture as Budapest. It was also quite easy to navigate, and all the main sites are very close together. After a couple of days, we left and began to make our way south, to Dubrovnik. We stopped at Split, Zadar, and Opatija along the way. Eventually though we made it to Split (after several harrowing bus rides) and hopped on the ferry to Dubrovnik. While Dubrovnik is amazing there are many other beautiful cities in Croatia

Hotels in Croatia

We always had trouble finding a room, as Croatia is becoming a huge tourist destination. Book ahead where possible! Rooms fill up quickly, and booking online in advance is well worth your time.

Flights to Croatia

Most flights to Croatia arrive in Zagreb, though many flights to Dubrovnik are also available.Cheap flights to Zagreb / Croatia