Backpacking in Germany

Travel Germany – Quick Facts

Local Language: German – Most people speak some English, especially younger people but it’s helpful to learn a few phrases.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Germany for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Germany can get expensive. Restaurants are getting more expensive now too, since the Euro came in. Budget $100 Canadian a day.

My Travels in Germany

Good old Germany…Where to begin! I lived in Germany for almost two years and have been to just about every corner of the country. I’ve had both good and not so good experiences there, but overall it was a really great experience. From Berlin’s crazy Love Parade in July, to Munich’s Oktoberfest, and any number of music and beer festivals the people here certainly know how to have a good time.

The second world war destroyed Germany. Most of the old historic architecture and cities were destroyed, with few exceptions. Many buildings have since been re-built but even now you’ll find construction sites repairing buildings that were destroyed in the war and of course many buildings which were neglected by the communists in the former Eastern Germany.

Hotels in Germany

Hotels in Germany fill up fast, in all the major cities like Berlin and Munich. Book a hotel reservation as soon as you know where you’re going! You can also book Germany Motels and other Germany Hotels.

Flights to Germany

Germany has many airports in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the biggest, and the second largest in Europe so you’ll probably end up there. Flights to Frankfurt can be found pretty cheap if you go at the right time, and from Frankfurt you can also to connect to pretty much anywhere else in the world.