Backpacking in Hungary

Hungary is a very interesting country, with an amazing history. And it’s cheaper than most Western European countries! I ended up spending a few months in Budapest and for good reason. Backpacking is a very rewarding experience, and the people you meet will always leave an impression.

Backpacking Hungary – Quick Facts

Local Language: Hungarian – Older Hungarians may speak German, younger Hungarians generally speak English well.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Hungary for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Hungary is cheaper than western European countries, however prices are rising. Budget at least $50 a day.

My Travels in Hungary

Hungary was different than the rest of the countries I had so far seen, and it was my first time in an Eastern European country. When I finally got settled in to a hostel, I found out about a huge fireworks display to take place that evening, in celebration of Hungary’s St. Stephen. It was an amazing display. I has also been to Geneva’s large firework festival, said to be the largest in the world, but the Hungarians blew away everything I saw in Switzerland. All the bridges were streaming sparks into the river, and the display last for most of the evening.

Hungary is well worth a visit, and I can’t even begin to describe all of my experiences there. You’ve got to see it for yourself. Anytime someone asks me where they should go if they backpack Europe, Hungary is top of my list.

Hotels in Hungary

Finding a hotel in Budapest isn’t difficult – It’s generally cheaper than Western Europe, but if you’re looking to spend a lot of money you can. The hotel industry is booming there right now, and accommodation is plentiful. Click the links below to find out about some of the cheapest hotels in Hungary and other Hungary Hotels.

Flights to Budapest

Most flights to Hungary arrive in Budapest’s Ferhengy international airport. The airport is located quite a distance from the city, so you’ll need to find a way from the airport to downtown Budapest. Click here for low price airfare to Budapest.