Backpacking in Italy

Italy is a country full of history and culture. You could devote months to see all of the many sites throughout Italy. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, all are among the worlds most important and historical cities.

Travel Italy – Quick Facts

Local Language: Italian. English isn’t widely spoken so you’ll want to know a few words.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Italy for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Italy can be expensive -Budget $100 a day.

My Travels in Italy

Italy is a country I would like to return to, and travel in detail. I didn’t get to see much of the country but what I did see was pretty amazing. Italy has so much history and culture to offer I’m sure it would take several months to be able to travel through the country and experience it in full.

The cities of Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice are one everyone’s must-see list. There’s just so much to see that if you want to really get a taste of Italy you’ll need at least a couple of weeks. Any time less than that will just give you a brief glance at what Italy truly has to offer from past Imperial glories to artistic works, and cathedrals galore. Of course, the food is amazing and you should try as many restaurants in Italy as possible.

Hotels and Hostels in Italy

Italy gets very busy in the high season! Make a reservation as far in advance as you can, especially in the major cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan. Hostels and hotels aren’t very cheap, but it’s better than sleeping on the streets.

Flights to Italy

Most flights land in Rome, however Milan and Florence also have major airports. You can find and book flights to Rome here.