Backpacking Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is a very quaint and beautiful town with great views of the surrounding mountains.

Backpacking Slovenia – Quick Facts

Local Language: Slovenian – As with most Eastern European countries, if you don’t speak the local language, German is a good backup. A good amount of Slovenian speak some English though, and some also speak Italian.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Slovenia for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Slovenia is getting pricey. Budget at least $70 a day.

My Travels in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country, surrounded by mountains and touching the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana is like a beautiful little Swiss village, but without the crowds and high prices. Everything is very close together, and the hostel is within a short walking distance of the bus and train stations.

Outside of Ljubljana you’ll find Lake Bled, a picturesque lake with a small church in the middle. Slovenia is also renowned for it’s caving expeditions, definitely worth checking out if you have the chance. I spent a few days in Ljubljana, and quickly decided if I ever won the lottery I’d get myself a house there. It’s such a nice little city, not crowded at all, and the people are very friendly. I didn’t have any trouble in Slovenia whatsoever, and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Slovenia may be small, but there are many cities in Slovenia worth a visit.

Hotels and Hostels in Slovenia

Ljubljana has plenty of accommodation, but I would suggest making a reservation. The hostel is only a kilometer from the train station and there are several other hotels around the city. For hotels in Slovenia, check out Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Slovenia and these Hotels in Slovenia

Flights to Slovenia

Most flights to Slovenia arrive in the area of Ljubljana, though it is entirely possible to take a flight to Vienna or Zagreb and take the train into Slovenia. Find Cheap flights to Slovenia