Backpacking in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country in the north of Europe. Full of history, you’ll find castles and thousands of old relics such as rune stones, burial sites, and old fortresses. All this, but even so Sweden isn’t as full of tourists as the rest of Western Europe, mainly because as like the rest of Scandinavia, prices are much higher.

Travel Sweden – Quick Facts

Local Language: Swedish – But many Swedes have an excellent command of English, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

Visa Requirements: Canadians are allowed in Sweden for 90 days without a visa.

Costs: Sweden is expensive. Budget $100 per day.

Travels in Sweden

Sweden is a great country to travel in, with so many historical and interesting sites to see it’s almost overwhelming. Again, literally thousands of fortresses, and other viking relics are scattered around the country.

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, with many rivers and small islands, in addition to museums and monuments. You’ll also find palaces of the Swedish royal family here.

The nature and abundance of lakes, and the northern feel are much like Canada. In the summer you can head to the northern extreme of Sweden and experience 24 hour sunlight, and in the winter the opposite.

Sweden Cities are also some of the safest to travel in. The chances of you experiencing any crime or hassle is extremely low.

Hotels and Hostels in Sweden

Sweden has many hotels, especially in Stockholm. You’ll find many of them aren’t cheap though. Hostels are an excellent, and cheaper alternative. For hotels in Sweden, check out Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Sweden and these Sweden Hotels

Flights to Sweden

Sweden is very easy to get to by air, and Stockholm is well served by many airlines around the world. You can get some good fares from the rest of Europe, as well as from Canada.