Airport Security – ‘Random’ searches?

Does anyone else get ‘randomly’ searched in US airports almost every time? It kind of drives me crazy. Always get pulled aside, asked the extra questions, and made to feel ‘suspect’.

My theory is that I’m a young guy who normally travels solo to rally random places around the world. Maybe that’s what raises a red flag? Or is it the beard and tanned skin? Certainly hope not, but after a while you begin to wonder. However there’s now these special detector / scanner things in airports that blow air on you to detect explosives or gunpowder or something.

I recently encountered one of these in Vegas, when I was told during check-in that I had a “Special” boarding pass. “What does that mean?” – I thought maybe I was getting bumped up or got some kind of special privilege on the flight or something. All the check-in agent would say is “It just means your pass is special”. Bewildered, I went up to the security check point and they directed me to the ‘special’ line. The one that had this air blowing sensor thing.

At first I was annoyed until I realized…There’s only like two other people in line! The metal detectors had dozens, if not over a hundred people waiting in line. I was in and out in just a few minutes.

As annoying as the security can be, I wish I could opt for one of those scanners every time – the extra few minutes of questions more than makes up for a 25-30 minute wait in a line-up!