Back in Louisiana

Well, the road trip has been great. Flew through the states and am back in Louisiana. Did the drive in about 4 days, not too shabby. I have to say the only place that really wasn’t what I expected was Wyoming. I heard about beautiful mountains and all that, but must have missed them. I felt like I was driving on the moon half the time. Just fields and fields of rock and stone everywhere (is that still called a field?). Pretty in it’s own way, don’t get me wrong, just not what I expected.

But anyways – One that that I found funny, if not a little sad, were all the anti-abortion and pro religion billboards. I have nothing against having opinions on these things, but I don’t understand why people feel the need to push them on other. I go to church, but I don’t push my beliefs on other people or consider everyone else to be ‘wrong’. We’re all just doing our best guess work at the end of the day..Nobody really knows. Anyways. Signs all over the place telling people they’re going to hell are a little crazy.

Louisiana is fantastic though – great weather, +30 C and such friendly people. Really laid back. There’s something about listening to CCR while cruising through the state that’s a little surreal. Looking forward to NOT driving for awhile, and enjoying the laid-back vibe of New Orleans again.