Back in Ontario

Made it to Toronto. Spending some time with family and friends here, and taking the opportunity to catch up on emails and work. I noticed we’ve had some spam issues on the site, and I’m working on that..So hard to keep on top of! Please keep reporting spam posts in the forums, and let me know of any ‘suspicious’ users posting questionable content.

Back to Toronto..I grew up here so it’s always nice to come back. Don’t think I’d want to live here again, but visiting the big city is always a good time. Been going out lots for dinner and drinks, it’s just too bad that good beer is hard to find out here! The land of molson and labatts. Where’s my Phillips? Oh right…back on Vancouver Island. Ah well. Heading up to Ottawa in a few days. I was there once as a kid on a school trip so I’m looking forward to seeing it again.