Beerfest in Victoria

Well my favourite event of the year is here…Beerfest! The beer fest in Victoria, BC is one of the largest in North America with around 60 brewers from around BC, the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere showing off their latest concoctions. I always go on the Friday and the Saturday and usually volunteer as well – though this year I just won’t be able to.

My favourite beers are the IPA’s – India Pale Ales. I like the hoppy bitterness of them, and the high alcohol content doesn’t hurt either. However, because they’re so falvourful, I usually make Friday my IPA day since you don’t really get an accurate taste of the other beers once you’ve had a few IPA’s.

Also, I like getting the pumpkin ales that the brewers bring in for the beerfest. Steamworks in particular has a great one.

So…Don’t anticipate any updates to the site over the next few days! 🙂