Belle Montreal

Montreal…Beautiful city! All I’ve eaten so far is poutine at three different places. It’s fantastic, and I can feel my arteries blocking up with each delicious bite. It’s so worth it. The people have been very friendly, and patient with my terrible high school quality French. Checking out lots of pubs tonight and exploring the city. Too bad it’s a week night and everyone says there isn’t much happening tonight, but whatever…It’s all new to us! I love the European feel of the city, and Old Montreal in particular. I wish more north american cities were like this. Driving here is pretty crazy though – especially on the highways. It seems like nobody signals and they just weave in and out of traffic. Was pretty glad when we pulled of the road! The downtown area is fairly pedestrian friendly, and we’ve been able to walk to a lot of different areas. Anyways..enough computer. Time to go exploring.