Chilling in the Big Easy

Been in New Orleans (or NOLA as I see on peoples bumper stickers) and loving it. I don’t even feel like I’m in the states here. It’s like it’s own little cultural bubble. The French Quarter is very European looking and kind of reminds me of Old Montreal in places. That being said, I’ve heard the architecture is mainly Spanish as they controlled the area before the French showed up.

I think what Iike most about New Orleans is the concept of ‘to-go cups’. When you grab a drink at a bar, they ask if you want it to go, and then pour it into a plastic cup if you answer yes. How amazing is that!? So you can grab your beer and go for a walk down to the next pub. Why does everywhere else in Canada and the US have to be so anal about this stuff? Nobody causes any trouble, and it’s totally acceptable.

Surprisingly, they also have pretty fantastic beer. There’s a brewery called “Abita” which is from Abita Springs, about an hour drive north of New Orleans. The Abita Amber seems to be on tap everywhere, but they also make a great IPA.

Anyways the other thing I’m absolutely loving about this place is the music – you can walk into almost any pub and there’s some live music, and it’s almost always good. I’ve been introduced to “Kermit Ruffins” – a trumpet player who’s somewhat of a local celebrity. Really enjoyed seeing him and the band he was playing with.

So much to say about this place..Going to be hard to leave! But alas, gotta catch up on some work. Until next time.