Driving across the States

Wow – 70 MPH speed limits! According to my speedometer that’s like 120km/h. And if I go 80, which I seem to be doing since there’s no traffic and great straight roads, I’m making great time.

Drove through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and cut through Utah as well so far. I’m amazed how little traffic there is, and how there’s next to nothing to see. Lots of flat remote areas. I expected to see more towns and things, not that I’m complaining…It’s quite relaxing, almost meditative. And far better than driving through Saskatchewan (so far).

I’ve been staying at cheap hotels and motels along the way. Specifically, I’ve crashed at a Motel 6 and a La Quinta, as well as a Comfort Suites.

Motel 6 was exactly what you’d expect for $39 a night. But they allow pets which makes it easy to take my dog along. La Quinta was quite nice, with complimentary internet (that actually worked) but was a little more pricey – around $100 a night. Comfort Suites had huge rooms, but I just went in, crashed, and left first thing in the morning. All of them have been perfectly fine, when you’re just spending a night or so.

Tomorrow I’m going through Wyoming and Colorado.