Fall has arrived

Usually September is my favourite month of the year in Victoria – however this September has been anything but! It already feels like winter in some ways. Been really cold lately, and raining like crazy. Starting to think I should take my laptop and go somewhere warm for a few months. I’m debating going back to New Orleans since i had such a great time there, and the weather is a obviously way warmer than it is here right now.

A few things about the site – I’m adding a directory section! I get so many people emailing me asking me to list their site in one section or another. This will let me do so, however I’m going to be charging a review fee – it helps me to maintain the site, and acts as a filter for many of the lower quality, spammy requests I get. If you’ve got a blog or something you’d like listed though, let me know – I’d be happy to!

Time to make a warm cup of tea and convince myself it’s not as rainy out as it seems 🙂