Finding the Best Hostel in the USA for Traveling Canadians

There are countless opportunities when looking for the best hostel in USA. In some cases, old motels and hotels have converted to hostel lodging. Other facilities are part of international or regional chains of hostels with multiple locations. Either way, hostels can offer much more to a traveler than a hotel stay.


What the Best Hostel in the USA Can Offer

Hostel travelers are not only young students on holiday any more. People in the baby-boomer-and-beyond age category are increasingly using hostels when traveling. Hostel stays put the traveler in easy contact with others who are traveling, and allows them to save money on lodging and eating out.  Plus, hostels are often located near other travel destinations and sightseeing adventures.

What to Look for in the Best Hostel in the USA

All hostels share some common features. These include:

  • Dormitories for sleeping. Bunk beds are common and many hostels provide linen and towels, but this may cost extra
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Community kitchens where guests can prepare meals
  • Gathering space for socializing

Above-average hostels may also have some or all of these accommodations:

  • Laundry room for self-service clothes washing
  • Free daily breakfast and sometimes dinner
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • TV, video and gaming areas

Great Hostel Locations

Listed below are only a few of the best hostels in the USA.

  • Time Square Beds, located minutes from Time Square in New York City, is known for its comfortable beds and close proximity to Hell’s Kitchen district where good, cheap food is always available.
  • HI Hostel is in Santa Monica, California. This 260-bed lodging is only blocks from the beach and walking distance from nightlife, good restaurants and other attractions.
  • Green Tortoise Backpackers has two locations, one in San Francisco and the other in Seattle.  The Seattle hostel is right next to the famous Pike Place Market and the San Francisco hostel is in the lively North Beach area. Green Tortoise caters especially to out-of-state and international visitors.
  • Tropics Hotel and Hostel is in South Beach, Miami, Florida. It offers an Olympic size swimming pool, easy beach access and close-by nightclubs and entertainment.
  • William Penn House is a Quaker-run hostel in Washington, D.C. It is open to all, and is known for its tranquil atmosphere, free breakfasts and optional morning meditation services.
  • USA Hostels, Las Vegas is one of only three hostels in this big, Nevada city. This converted motel is within walking distance of casinos, has a lounge, swimming pool and free Wi-Fi. Regular tours of the city are offered as well.


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