Good times in Western Canada

Well we’re half way through the roadtrip and it’s been go-go-go. Flew through the west and are crossing through Ontario now. Calgary was a tonne of fun, met lots of great people and had far too much of a good time. It was hard to leave after only a couple nights. I gotta say though, I am so relieved to be out of Saskatchewan – Seriously, I think they measure kilometres differently. It just feels as though it takes forever to get out of, and there are like no reference points from the road..just a few buildings here and there. Winnipeg was a pleasant surprise. We only spent a night, but went out to a pub and had a great time with some good beer and great live music. Friendly Manitoba was absolutely that! Now we’re into Ontario and still grinding through. Lots of long days, nursing hangovers and enjoying all the new people and places we’re seeing. So far though, apart from BC, Calgary has been my favourite.