The Best Hostel in Prague for Traveling Canadians

Prague in the Czech Republic is on every experienced traveler’s list of favorite places, some will relate their opinion of what is the best hostel in Prague. Prague is variously called the city with a hundred spires, the mother of cities and magical Prague. Prague’s churches and cathedral’s are well know, but Prague has an abundance of priceless artworks and museums. Prague possesses a treasure trove of pre-historic finds; high Baroque statues, priceless renaissance jewelry and rare items by contemporary artists that will inspire awe.


Prague’s Tourist Attractions

Prague is every bit a cosmopolitan city as witnessed by the diversity of its inhabitants and general metropolitan ambiance. The dining in Prague is world class and features exuberant tastes and textures; Prague presents a fine dining experience that few other world cities could match. This city is over 1000 years old and architectural gems abound, this city isn’t called the mother of cities for nothing. There are mysterious gothic monasteries, classic concerts are held in baroque cathedrals and enchanting renaissance gardens. Prague’s renowned beauty and attraction has been spoken of since the middle ages.

Miss Sophies Hostel

A beautiful hostel called ‘sleek’ and a ’boutique of wonder’; the furniture and art are uncommonly fine. Sophies offers both dorms and private rooms that feature; free wi-fi, internet access in the lobby, hairdryers, irons and adapters and alarm clocks, sleek brushed steel beds, big fluffy pillows and immense rain head showers.

Art Hole Hostel

Just a 4 minute walk from Old Town Square this colorful calming hostel generates a personal energy with art. Art Hole features a lovely lounge and kitchen and free breakfast. Art Hole is just a short walk from the main attraction sites and a 10 minute walk from train and bus stations. It has 24hr reception and the staff is friendly and at your service.


Sir Tobys Hostel

Sir Toby’s is an engaging hostel with a nostalgic feel. There is recycled and refurbished old furniture that gives this place abundant character, dated sewing machines turned into desks are an example. Sir Toby’s also makes an enviable effort at being green by separating garbage, thermostatic controls and not ironing bed sheets, yet they accomplish keeping everything immaculate. There is a big well equipped kitchen that offers free tea bags, a pleasing to the senses outdoor garden with tables and chairs for dining.


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