The Best Hostels in DC for Travelling Canadians

What should you consider when you are looking for the best hostels in DC?  If you are looking to stay in a hostel, chances are cost is one of your primary concerns.  However, you should also consider other factors as a Canadian traveling outside the country.
It is important to have resources available that can help you out in an emergency situation.  For instance, access to Canuck Abroad may come in handy in case you need immigration information or need some assistance with your immigration needs.

What To Consider When Seeking the Best Hostels in DC

You need to consider what the hostels themselves have to offer to make sure you are getting what you need out of your DC experience.  For example, if you are lucky you may book a room at one of the top rated hostels in the area like Aunt Beas Little White House that offers private rooms in an environment described as clean and safe.  Air conditioning and laundry facilities are also available along with breakfast, so this type of hostel may be just what you need when you are looking to get away from it all.

Duo Housing DC

Duo Housing DC is located just 15 minutes from the capital and the proximity to Chinatown means you have access to an array of shops, restaurants, cafés and other forms of night life you can enjoy during your stay.  This is also one of the hostels that offer an array of amenities including hot showers, free Wi-Fi and Internet access, air conditioning and cable TV in addition to linens and a common room.

The Downtown Washington Hostel

The Downtown Washington Hostel is another economical choice when your primary motivation is to save money.  It is also located near a number of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops when you need to get out and enjoy yourself.  Unlike many hostels, this facility includes linens and towels for guests with no extra charge.  Services also include breakfast, hot showers and Internet access.  This hostel even has a job board on the premises as well as a washing machine, Playstation and other games.

Booking the Best Hostels in DC

These are a few of the things you need to consider when you want to find the best hostels in DC.  You may need to keep in mind access to emergency services or immigration services, especially since you are in the security enforced capital.  However, you may also want to make sure you find a place where you have access to Wi-Fi or other Internet services because it is important that you stay connected.  Furthermore, you should always check current rates at hostels to make sure you find a place you can afford.