Best Hostels in Ecuador for Travelling Canadians

Staying in the best hostels in Ecuador during your trip to that country is an effective way to get the most for your money without liquidating your travel budget. Ecuador has much to offer. Boasting much to see like volcanoes, jungles, an intoxicating mix of charming old-world style and an emerging and vibrant modernity, Ecuador is a jewel within South America. It is a developing country with breathtaking cities that date back to the colonial period and simultaneously has many of the modern conveniences of the industrialized world. That being said, it makes sense that the traveler in Ecuador can find any manner of lodging to suit his/her taste, style and budget. With a bit of research and an adventurous spirit, Ecuador is well worth discovering.


The Best Hostels in Ecuador

There are hostels in every major city in Ecuador. There are hostels on the main arteries of each city and there are hostels well off the beaten path. Ecuador even has a hostel for your trip to the Galapagos! For the purposes of this article, a couple of the more well travelled and visible hostels will be discussed with respect to the sensibilities and expectations of the North American/Canadian traveler.

Logistics and Planning

Thanks to the rise and ready availability of the Internet, booking your trip and staying in the best hostels in Ecuador is now easier than ever. The first thing one must consider in finding an appropriate and suitable hostel is price. Budget. Are you backpacking through Ecuador with flexibility on where you stay? You won’t need as much space and would probably be fine in a community or open style space. If you were travelling with a larger party then perhaps separate rooms would be advisable. Either way, Ecuador most likely has what you need for your lodging needs.

Staying in The Best Hostels in Ecuador

The availability and quality of hostels in the country run the gamut from nearly 4 star (remember this article deals in hostels) to bare minimum. For the adventurer, places like the Community Hostel in downtown Quito offers comfortable accommodations but not much in the way of frills. It’s also in a part of the city where it would not be too wise to venture out into after sun-set. However, the prices are bargain basement, even for one who would be trading in Canadian currency for the local Ecuadorian medium of exchange. A few years ago, Ecuador transitioned to U.S. greenbacks so such an exchange would afford the Canadian traveller to remain pretty close to parity for his/her circumstances.

Vibes Hostel is located in Quito’s tourist district and a quick walk to a variety of activities. Its prices are low and it boasts a free-kitchen, happy hour every night and Stakes Poker tournaments on Wednesdays. The downside to this place is the age limit. Vibes Hostel limits its business to customers who are under thirty-six years of age. Still, at less than seven dollars a night (as of this writing) Vibes is perfect for the backpacking college student without totally crippling a travel budget and this hostel makes this article’s recommendation for one of the best hostels in Ecuador.

Legal Considerations

Ecuador is a fascinating country with much to offer, yet like any foreign country, it is wise to expect some adjustment to what can be unexpected and disorienting cultural differences.


A valid passport with more than six months validity is required when entering Ecuador. Ecuador has strict visa and immigration laws and you would do well to consultĀ for more information. We are a valuable resource for Canadians travelling abroad and can help you find the best hostel in Ecuador.