Best Hostels in Hamburg for Traveling Canadians

Best Hostels in HamburgFor Canadian backpackers and travelers who have simple needs for shelter and lodging while in Hamburg, Germany or are frequent visitors to the best hostels in Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany can be paradise. Hamburg’s old red light; Reeperbahn which is known for it neon lit noir ambience reminds travelers that Hamburg was at one time known as sin city Europe. But that doesn’t dim the attractiveness of this world class city today. Once known as the Venice of the north, there is Lake Alster in the center of the city and an abundance of city parks and elegant steel and glass buildings that make Hamburg a compelling city of contrasts.

Best Hostels in Hamburg

For Canadians who may want to backpack Germany and partake of the best hostels in Hamburg this article hopefully will be a guide.


Arena Hostel Hamburg

Arena Hostel Hamburg has outstanding facilities, good atmosphere and its cleanliness is second to none. This has been rated the best hostel in Hamburg. Each floor has its own kitchen and there is a cozy common area with a big screen television. Each room comes with its own kettle and cups and glasses. The bed is made for you every day. The staff is engaging and aims to please; they also know Hamburg like the back of their hands.

KeizBude Hostel

Previous guests gush about it’s erotic charm. KeizBude Hostel offers a choice of two bed chambers or 4 bed rooms each partially furnished with a shower and toilet. The sleeping experience is excellent. The staff is knowledgeable of the city and really friendly.

Youth Hostel Hamburg

Youth Hostel Hamburg has easy access to public transportation and is agreeable to traveling families. This is a large hostel and maybe the only drawback is less than adequate common areas and a dining room in the basement with no windows. The lodging experience however is a pleasant one.

Backpackers St. Pauli

A new hostel in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district which is known for its distinct sub-culture of clubs and bars. If you’re seeking to be in the midst of the action musically, fashion-wise or to simply be close to an exciting, entertainment rich area then Backpackers St. Pauli is the place. Backpackers St. Pauli is definitely one of the best hostels in Hamburg.


How to Find the Best Hostel in Hamburg

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