Best Hostels in Japan for Traveling Canadians

Bbest hostels in JapanCanadians who have stayed in the best hostels in Japan well know that Japanese beer is quite addictive; it goes down really easily and is commonly served in iced mugs. The Japanese have a reputation for finding ways to please. The Japanese treat travel guests like long lost family. Visitors to Japan relate beautiful experiences about the meticulous yet universally felt experience of being received and cared for by the Japanese, they speak of being humbled by the experience. Hospitality to the Japanese is a serious matter and they have perfected it.

Japan’s Tourist Attractions

Japanese hospitality aside; Japan is a beautiful destination for Canadians traveling abroad. Japan’s ancient previous capitol city of Kyoto is magnetic for world travelers, to see its ancient shrines and experience the old ryokans and dine on traditional, multi course kaiseki meals. One of the most beautiful places on earth is Japan in autumn; even Canadians would appreciate the coloring. The lush rolling hills and scenic mountain views are awe inspiring.


Japan’s Best Hostels

Quality Hostel K’s House Tokyo Oasis: A fully renovated Zen style hostel; this is top notch quality. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom. It’s situated in the center of Asakusa Tokyo and conveniently located to many shops and restaurants. Quality Hostel K’s House Tokyo Oasis has a staff that is attentive to every detail of your comfort.

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki features personal showers and toilets in the room, air conditioning and linens and pillows are provided, a laundry room with a dryer, free wi-fi in every room and too many more unique features to list here. It is also situated in center Asakusa station with restaurants, bars and super markets in walking distance. Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki is the newest of the Khaosan Tokyo group of hostels.

J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House

Only a 5 minute walk from the Kyoto station which allows people a simple connection to the best attractions in Kyoto, trains and connections in other parts of Japan. J-Hoppers is clean, friendly and features free parking for bicycles and motorcycles. There is free wi-fi throughout the hostel, free games and kimono dress up. Large beds in comfortable dorms that have privacy curtains, luggage storage space and private reading lamps.


If you endeavor to cross the Pacific and visit Japan or any destination on the Pacific Rim then we would be honored to be able to handle the arrangements for visas and passports. We can even offer the convenience of handling your travel planning. Japan can have some eccentricities for entry sometimes. We will have you prepared for those so your trip will be smooth and enjoyable. All that will be left for you to do is soak in the hospitality of the best hostels in Japan.