Best Hostels in Rome for Travelling Canadians

Knowing the best hostels in Rome before you go will make your travels there more enjoyable. Hostels are a great way for saving money while traveling and getting to know a new culture and region. While hosteling used to mean roughing it, many modern hostels are equipped with features like Internet connection, linen service, air conditioning and bars and food making lodging there comfortable as well as economical.

What to Expect From the Best Hostels in Rome

Hosteling differs from staying in hotels. Hostels are more intimate and communal making meeting other travelers easy. Although hosteling once catered more to youth and student travelers, people of all ages now use these unique lodgings. Rome’s fascinating history and cultural life make this city a frequent destination for travelers from all around the world.


Hostels may have large or small dormitory rooms or private rooms, often with adjoining bath. They always have a common area for relaxing and meeting others and an area for preparing food. Storage lockers, wide screen TV and organized walking tours and pub crawls are other amenities that you will find in many of Rome’s hostels.

A Few of the Best Hostels in Rome

A few of the most popular downtown Roman hostels includes

• The Alessandro Palace and newer Alessandro Downtown. Wi-Fi connection is available in all locations in the buildings. Both hostels are only a few minutes from the main transit Termini station.

• The Yellow is also downtown Rome and has both dormitory rooms and more quite private rooms. Private rooms include in-room security box, phone and private bath.

• M&J Place is also located in the heart of Rome near all the main attractions. Breakfast, Internet access and storage lockers are available.

• Pensione Ottavian offers friendly, English speaking staff and a view of St. Peter’s Dome. It is located just off St. Peter’s Square.

These hostels do not have curfew or lock-out times, like many hostels do, so guests have 24 hour access to their rooms and belongings. Free, hot showers are available at all.

Booking Hostel Reservations

While reservations at hostels are not required, booking in advance is a good idea for ensuring your accommodation. Online booking is easy using services like, and we can help you with other travel and immigration resources as well.


Booking online also often saves money; many hostels have special discounts available only with advanced, online booking. Getting a membership in a hosteling organization, like Hosteling International, will also save you money when you are staying for more than a night or two. The process of finding the right hostel can be tricky, that is where we at Canuck Abroad come in handy. We will help you find the best hostels in Rome.