Best Hostels in Tokyo For Travelling Canadians

Best Hostels in TokyoTokyo, Japan’s capital, is a tourist’s dream. This cosmopolitan city is as modern as it is steeped in tradition and culture that goes back thousands of years. It is considered as one of the more expensive destinations in Asia but that does not mean it would be impossible to find affordable accommodations in the city. Here is a list of the best hostels in Tokyo that offer clean, comfortable rooms and a convenient location:

The Best Hostels in Tokyo

The Kimi Ryokan is popular among foreigners, so expect the staff to be quite used to helping out guests who need help with directions or for translating a few words and phrases in Japanese. Guests can often ask the staff to help them find the best shopping places, tourists spots and cultural events. Tours may even be organized through the hostel. Private rooms accept up to 4 guests while dorm-type rooms can accommodate up to 8 guests. Bathrooms are shared but are kept clean by the staff.


Ryokan Sansuiso

Ryokan Sansuiso is located in the Gotanda district, an area which may not sound familiar to tourists visiting Japan for the first time. Gotanda is not a trendy area but the location of this two-storey hostel makes it ideal for travellers who want to explore the famous shopping districts of Roppongi, Shibuya and Ebisu, which are nearby. Accommodations are simple – basic, even and guests sleep on futon beds. Rooms, while a bit small, come with air conditioning, WiFi and TV. Most rooms, however, do not have ensuite bathrooms so prepare to share facilities. This hostel also has a curfew and closes at 12 a.m., so unless you don’t mind staying out until it opens in the morning or have somewhere else to spend the night, you might want to check in before midnight.

Khaosan Tokyo Guest House Ninja

Khaosan is just a short walk from the Bakurocho Station and the Asakusabashi Station and it’s easily one of the most affordable places to stay in Tokyo. Rooms, as to be expected, are rather small but clean and comfortable enough. All rooms have free WiFi, air conditioning and bunk beds. Bathrooms, however, are shared and towels are offered for a minimal charge. There is a shared kitchen as well and a nice living room where guests can mingle and relax. Room types range from twin private to 4-bed private to cabin bed dorms. Khaosan usually offers discounted prices if you book online.

YMCA Asia Youth Center

For tourists who are willing to splurge a little bit, the YMCA isĀ  good choice. It may seem surprising that the rooms in this hostel are a bit pricey but that’s only because you’re almost paying for hotel accommodations. It’s clean, comfortable and quite safe, making it a favorite among tourists from all over the globe. Rooms, as can be expected in Tokyo, are a bit on the small side but most of them include WiFi and ensuite bathroom and toilet.


How to Find the Best Hostels in Tokyo

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