In the Capital

Had a terrible drive up to Ottawa! The rain was pouring down, so much so that it put the rainstorms of the west coast to shame. What should have been maybe a 5 hour drive was more like a 7 or 8, as we couldn’t really go more than 80km/h on the 401. But, we made it. Checked into a hotel and immediately went in search of a pub. Popped into one for a bite and a pint, and were appalled by what happened next. My buddy orders a beer, and we just happen to watch the bartender pour it. She pours the beer, and the tap runs out. So what does she do? Puts it under a different tap and fills up the other half! Half bottom-of-the-keg Stella mixed with Budweiser. Wow. Bartender fail! Not a good start Ottawa. Tomorrow I’m planning on checking out the Parliament and doing a bit of shopping..didn’t bring enough clothes 🙂