Living in a van, down by the river

Alright, maybe not exactly like the classic Chris Farley SNL skit – but I’m living in what’s called a “shotgun” style house a couple blocks off of the Mississippi. It’s a cool neighbourhood. Very historic, lots of old southern style houses and very friendly people. I love how the city is so dog friendly. I can bring my dog into almost any pub and she loves all the attention, and being able to be a part of things.

i’m enjoying hanging out by the levee. You can walk or jog on the top, and watch the huge ships go up and down the river. The one boat that I hate – The Natchez. It’s a historic old steam boat which is kinda cool, but for like an hour before departure they play what sounds like the same music and ice cream truck would play and you can hear it everywhere you go. Super annoying!

Otherwise things are still going well down here. Enjoying the nightlife and the warm weather, and having lots of fun. New Orleans is arguably one of the best places I’ve ever travelled to.