London Gets a Taste of the True North in Canada Day London Celebration

Canada Day London CelebrationOn July 1st, the Canada Day London festival will take place at the heart of London in the renowned Trafalgar Square, which contains the culturally-rich Canada House. The Festival is part of the Canada Day International series of festivals, whose purpose is to actively promote Canada and all things Canadian.

In past years the event has proven to be London’s biggest summer festival, with an attendance of over 90,000 in last year’s celebrations. The festival’s popularity as a Canadian-centered celebration is due greatly to its success in interesting the population of London about the Canadian way of living. This is done with an exciting variety of activities and events centered on Canadian culture.

Activities and Events

Music is at the heart of Canada Day, and the London event will feature a concert with legendary Canadian musicians, including the Tragically Hip, the Arkells, Jann Arden, and the Sheepdogs.

Canada Day London will also include the return of the James R. Wright road hockey tournament, consisting of eight teams vying for the Trafalgar cup. The first “drop of the puck” will be at the commencement of celebrations, and games will be played throughout the rest of the day.

This year Canada Day London will feature the Taste of Canada Culinary experience, delivering Canadian cuisine to Londoner’s palates. Attendees can visit food stalls featuring classic Canadian foods such as poutine and pancakes with authentic Canadian maple syrup. some of Canada’s top chefs will make appearances to showcase their craft, and aspiring cooks can enter an online “Canadian cuisine” competition for special prizes.

In addition to the above entertainment, Canada Day London will offer an array of other cultural entertainment, including a Lululemon yoga class, face painting for kids, and even special appearances by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, one of the world’s most recognized national police forces.

Festival Information

The festival will commence at 10:30 AM, with celebrations lasting all day until about 10:15 PM. It is a free event for all ages, and is intended to interest the population of London and the surrounding areas, as well as international visitors. For those travelling by underground, the nearest tube is Charing Cross. For specific event timelines and information visit the Canada Day International in London site or the event’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

A Day Truly Devoted to Canada

The real purpose of these celebrations is to commemorate the British North American Act of 1867, known as Canada Day. The London event is intended to bring to life the essence of Canada in an all-day festivity for the public to enjoy. This July 1st thousands will congregate in Trafalgar Square to experience the excitement of Hockey (“Canada’s pass-time”), get acquainted with the musical stylings of Canada’s great musicians, and taste the cuisine that makes Canada as special as it is.