New York City

So, I finally had a chance to make it to New York City this week for a conference. Despite all the travelling I’ve done, I’ve somehow never made it here before. I guess I always figured the US is too similar to Canada, so why bother if I have the chance to go somewhere completely different.

Well, I now realize what I’ve been missing out on! So much, met some great people and saw a tonne of great things. I checked out the MOMA and the MET and saw some other great historic buildings, museums, etc. Its a little overwhelming but so worth the trip. You could easily spend a couple weeks and still not see everything here.

I went with a friend to check out Brooklyn, and that seems a lot more manageable. Quiet streets, little shops, and great food. I think if I were ever to live in NYC it’d be somewhere in Brooklyn.

Sadly, I didn’t get to check out any shows or sporting events, but that just means I’ll have to visit again!