The Top Hostels in Brussels for Travelling Canadians

top hostels in BrusselsBrussels is, for many tourists, the heart of Belgium. Brussels is the source of much that is of historic interest to visitors and citizens of Belgium. In fact, if visitors choose wisely, they will often be able to walk to everything including restaurants, tourist attractions, and bars.

Using Canuck Abroad To Locate Hostels in Brussels

This is all possible when Canadians choose to stay in the top hostels in Brussels. Although there are over 20 located right in the city, most offer more than just a bed. Some include cable TV, a games room, showers, and will keep your luggage safe. Find out where other Canadians are staying if you want to hear a familiar accent and connect with fellow Canucks by booking a hostel through the Canuck Abroad website.

At this site, viewers can access lists of hostels from all over the world, including Brussels. Peruse all of the listings found here and decide for yourself if one is worth the extra money or not. What is missing from the cheap rooms? Will you really miss certain extras, or are those extras provided, just not for free?

Other services at Canuck Abroad include flight booking and a forum. Find out if other travelers have anything to say about their hostel experience in the same city, enabling you to narrow down your search.


Another way to narrow this down is to use the booking site. This allows you to see:

  • How much a room would cost per night
  • What is included in the price
  • Which dates are available
  • Minimum booking requirements

For instance, there might be a minimum two-night stay at weekends.

Distinguishing the Good from the Best Hostels

Choosing a great hostel involves personal priorities. Students love to meet with other students, so the top hostels in Brussels for them will attract many young people. Take a look at the summary offered on the Canuck Abroad hostel listing to find out what kind of clientele typically stay at a particular location.

Many hostels are just dorm rooms, and a lot of young people have no problem with this, especially people who can sleep anywhere. If these are designated male only, female only, or co-ed, then you at least have the choice and can make an informed decision.

Do you get up in the night regularly to go to the washroom? Perhaps an en suite, private room would be a distinct blessing to all parties.


Security is one issue that troubles travelers who might have otherwise considered staying at a hostel. The answer to that is a key card, which many hostels provide. A free breakfast rounds out this short (and not comprehensive) list of possible extras you will find at a hostel in Brussels. Hungry visitors always appreciate free breakfast.

Travelling abroad will require immigration help, as entering a foreign country isn’t a simple process. Canuck Abroad can help connect you with legal experts who can ensure that you get the right visa you need, so you can focus on finding the top hostels in Brussels.