The Top Hostels in Buenos Aires for Travelling Canadians

best hostels in Buenos Aires -ArgentinaWhen you are traveling in a foreign country, it can feel exciting, but also a bit frightening. If you can get a sense of the place ahead of time and where the best accommodation is located, you can take a load off of your mind and relax.

Locating the Top Hostels in Buenos Aires

Here are some tips that may better guide you in locating the top hostels in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Building and Accommodations

A beautiful, old building is a tourist attraction in its own right. Buenos Aires is filled with them, many of which have been converted into hostels but which retain their original character. As a result, your accommodation could possess the added charm that comes with historic architecture.

On the other hand, it could also come with the inconveniences of plumbing that does not work very well, rooms that are too cold or too hot, and walls or windows that fail to shut out noise. Reading reviews helps.



Does a hostel in Argentina offer Wi-Fi? Will it have access to cable television? Is there a fax machine? How about communication: is there a card phone or some other type of phone that can be used for a fee? You should be able to access these amenities, even if you have to pay for them.

Although some buildings will not come with access to internet, check out the local area. You could be within walking distance of a decent café with internet service, not to mention Congress, Casa Rosada, Colon Theater, etc.


What kinds of rooms are there at a hostel? The usual list includes:

  • Family
  • Private
  • Dorm
  • Mixed
  • Female only

You could book a room with a private toilet, or just share access with other guests. A lot of people who stay in hostels fully expect to ‘rough it;’ that is, they are not expecting to have unlimited access to a private toilet and shower.


Even if a hostel comes with all of the above — internet, shower, towels — it might not provide them for free. This is one reason they are so cheap. Buenos Aires and outlying areas are home to plenty of very cheap hostels. Other extras could be:

  • Bike storage
  • Breakfast
  • Lockers
  • Airport transfers

Think ahead; what will matter to you? If security is not a highlight of the premises, then what kinds of storage options are offered?

Important Reminders

Many old buildings do not offer disabled access. This is something you really should check on beforehand.

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