Top Hostels in Cape Town

Top hostels in Cape TownThe history of hostels in Cape Town goes back quite a ways. Hostels offer lodging for those on a tight budget as well as those who are not interested in making a big deal about where they rest their heads at night. Students, backpackers and those whose main priority is to see the world are known to stay at hostels.

It is not every day that you settle for a hostel, but with the advent of urbanization and new entrants in the hospitality industry, there are high level hostels that you could unwittingly fall in love with. You can enjoy tropical gardens and other elements of nature at cape town hostels as well as pools and beds for great prices.


Top Hostels in Cape Town

Cape Town is synonymous with glorious beaches and soaring mountains. This thriving city boasts of hundreds of hostels worth staying at. Built on 20 — 22 Roodebloem Road (Woodstock), is the famed hostel Cape Town Deco Lodge.

Other notable hostels:

  • Riverlodge Backpackers, in Oude Village Alexandra Road
  • The B.I.G, 18 Thornhill Road
  • Zebra Crossing Lodge, 82 New Church Street
  • Lighthouse Farm lodge
  • Carnival Court on 255 Long Street,
  • Blue Mountain found in 208 Long Street in the Central Business District

These accommodations are ideal for business travelers and not only boast good food and stylish interiors but also great facilities, such as swimming pools.

Tourist Attractions in Cape Town

It is common to hear people say South Africa is the “best destination” for travelers. Many have stepped foot into the leisure destination called Cape Town and fallen in love. For many experienced travelers looking to close business deals or branch networks across the border, this town remain first on the list. Cape Town is secure enough that businesses thrive. It is not just known for its physical security but also security of information and technology.

In addition, you can also enjoy the rare combination of history and contemporary architecture at SaltyCrax, Lee Bay, Villa Simona, Morningside Cottage, Harbour View and Camps Bay just to mention a few. These are exotic venues that offer great rates, food, accommodation and easy booking.


The engagement with social media has also done more good to the hospitality industry. More than anything else, the Internet has made most things easy. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse for Canadians to make reservations or bookings. The top Hostels in Cape Town have a web presence that allow you to find the information you need in just seconds. The hostels are featured on many social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also go to Tripadvisor to find the best hostel in Cape Town.